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21st Oct 2018

Seann Walsh Denied That This Happened After Controversial Kiss With Dance Partner

Darragh Berry

It looks like no matter how hard Seann Walsh and Katya Jones try to get away from their infamous Strictly kiss, the more it’s coming back to haunt them.

The couple are still in the show for the time being but the kiss was alleged to have affected their relationship with the other contestants on the show.

However, Walsh has told Metro UK that this is not the case and also addressed those Whatsapp claims.

The comedian told the publication that he was not being “ignored” in the Strictly chat despite rumours that things were “frosty.”

A BBC One spokesperson said that the reports were “total nonsense” and a source close to Walsh has said that this series is the most bitchiest yet which Sean is in the middle of.

“Seann was overheard voicing his concerns that he gets ignored on the group. He’ll put out a message and only receive a muted reaction.”

“Then another member of the group will message something completely different and receive several responses to it.

Seann has since kept himself to himself and doesn’t really socialise with anyone. “

“He turns up, dances and leaves straight away. Some of the celebrities have light-heartedly tried to talk to him about the incident but he’s having none of it. So they’ve all decided that it’s for the best if they give him a wide berth.”

Sean has denied the rumours but you can be certain that there’ll be more before their time on the show ends.

This follows on from the news last week of alleged “sexy pictures” of the pair that were about to be released.