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14th Dec 2017

Set Your Recorders – This Is When ‘The Snapper’ Will Be On TV Over Christmas

James Fenton

In recent years, watching The Snapper on TV has become just as much an Irish festive tradition as midnight mass and getting shitfaced on St. Stephen’s Night. 

Perhaps the most quotable Irish movie of all time, there’s something in the Curley family we all seem to relate to. Whether it’s foul-mouthed Des, his long-suffering wife, or any of the gaggle of eccentric kids running around the house, there’s pretty much at least one gas one-liner in every scene. 

It’s now being revealed that TV3 will be showing The Snapper on the night of Sunday December 17 at 9pm so we only have to wait a few days for our Barrytown fix. 

Sure ya might as well tune in if a ride is out of the question.

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