Seven Gas Family Activities To Keep Cabin Fever At Bay This Christmas Day

The hours will fly past

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Bored already? We hear ya.

You'll definitely find something in this list of activities to keep the family occupied for the rest of Christmas Day.

Just try not to argue...

1. Dust off the old photo albums

People love nostalgia. Well, at least they used to.

Put the phones away and take all those photos you haven't seen in years down from the attic. The hours will fly by as your family reminisce over hilarious memories of the past.

2. Post-it note celebs

There's an app for everything these days but nothing get the craic going like your mam trying to guess 'Joe Duffy' with a piece of paper attached to her forehead.

3. Pass the parcel

Don't let all that ripped wrapping paper go to waste. Roll back the years with this classic party game.

4. Beer Pong

Beer pong sets are ten a penny in shops around town but all you really need are two pint glasses, a ping pong ball and some beer, obvs.

5. Movie drinking game

Every time someone gets injured in Home Alone. Whenever Buddy The Elf say "son of a nutcracker." The options are endless.

6. Quiz

Bring out everyone's competitive spirit by coming up with a quiz catered for your family's interests.

7. If all else fails... charades

Can't go wrong.

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