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11th Oct 2018

These Two Counties Are Apparently The Sexiest In All Of Ireland

Darragh Berry

This is not to be confused with our feature which ranked all 32 counties of Ireland by the sexiness of their accents (which brought up different results entirely).

That was solely just about someone’s accent, not about their appearance or personality.

We don’t mean to be shallow but when it comes to overall sexiness, you need to consider all of these characteristics.

Much like a couple of months ago when this county was officially announced as the ‘soundest’ in all of Ireland, someone on Reddit has started up the same argument but is asking, which county is the sexiest in all of Ireland.

The person always specifies to “say whether it’s male or female because you might have a county with beautiful women but ugly men.”


One person suggested that it should be Mayo because they’ve a townland called ‘Cum’.

Someone said Kerry because of “that accent” but as we pointed out above, it’s not all about talking the talk.

“Kilkenny has very attractive ladies” but apparently they’re a “bit mad though” which may have just stopped them from claiming the top title.

Waterford and Armagh also got a hat-tip but ultimately it was Galway for girls and Donegal for lads who came out as top.

So, if you want to get yourself the sexiest looking boy or girl, we heavily advice heading down to Donegal Tuesday during Rag Week in Galway this year.

Fish meet shotgun meet barrel.

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