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05th Dec 2019

Nine Reasons Why Leaving Your Whole Christmas Shopping Until Christmas Eve Is The Best Feeling Ever

Darragh Berry

Yes. I am normally one of those fools who leaves most, if not all, of his Christmas shopping until the very last minute.

This year was the first year in a long time that I carried out my shopping early.

But as I stood in a wedged Dundrum – that should have had Guns ‘N’ Roses’ ‘Welcome To The Jungle’ on repeat in the background – I tearfully remembered the joys of not ticking off my list until the 24th.

Mad, you say. Clever I say and here’s why:

1.Only a select few people are stupid enough to leave all their shopping until the 24th:

Up there for thinking, down there for dancing.

Less people means it’s easier to maneuver through the shops and easier acquire your products without having to queue ages to pay. Genius.

Okay, so it probably will be mental towards the middle of the day but get their early and it’ll be happy days.

2. You know exactly what you want:

Like the Italian job, you get in, get out and get the job done. You’ve had weeks to think about your list so there’s no hesitation and second guessing like “oh, mam might like that”.

And you won’t pick up pointless stuff that you’ll end up regretting later. Ideal and money-saving in the long run.

3. Shop Assistants won’t bother you:

You couldn’t enter the door of a shop before the 24th without being hounded by a shop assistant.

We understand it’s their job but the likes of me would just rather browse at ease or go straight towards my chosen present and move to the next shop.

But on the 24th, majority of the people are going to be hungover from the night before so they won’t be as alert as other days.

4. There’s a good chance you might get a bargain on your present:

Shops will have certain quotas to fill by Christmas so if there’s a chance of some leeway on the price, you’re more likely to be successful at bargaining on Christmas Eve.

Discount offers all around the gaff on the 24th.

5. Once it’s done, it’s done:

Those ‘weirdos’ who do their shopping in November have sooooo long to wait before they can hand over those presents to the receiver.

But once you’ve parted with the last bit of cash on the 24th, it’s Christmasssssss, meaning the wait is finally over. Just to wrap them now is all.

6. It’s peak Christmas Spirit:

All the walking through the decorated shops and hearing all the carols and Christmas songs is going to have you so pumped for Christmas and you’re going to be like Santa Claus on steroids for the festivities once you’re finnito.

7. Your friends will be in town:

They won’t be stupid enough to have left their shopping until the last minute, obviously, but you can brag about your heroics to them over a coffee or a drink.

8. Stuff that was out of Stock a couple of weeks ago might be back in:

If something flew out of stores at the start of December, there’s a good chance that shops will have overbought the product for the final few weeks of December.

9. You can nip in for a celebratory drink when you’re finished:

Sure, it’s Christmas Eve and you’re at nothing else. A job well done deserves a scoop or two.

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