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06th Sep 2018

PIC: A 23-Year-Old Simpsons Mistake Has Just Been Spotted And The Writers Are Embarrassed

Darragh Berry

You’re only a feckin’ fibber if you’re telling me that you didn’t park in front of the television to get your daily dose of Homer and co at 6pm on RTÉ Two.

The Simpsons was an institution in Ireland growing up, and every now and again we’ll tune in while we’re flicking if we see that it’s an old classic episode.

And one of those classics is the 1995 ‘And Maggie Makes Three’ episode.

The episode, as you can imagine, is about the birth of Maggie and they have to explain why there’s no photos of the youngest Simpson in the photo album.

In the scene where Marge is telling Homer that her contractions have started, there’s a picture of the baby that she has yet to give birth to yet, on the wall.

Can you fire someone for a mistake that’s over two decades old? We thought it, you can find the clip with the photo in it below.

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