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20th Dec 2016

Sol Republic Tracks HD V10 Review


These guys make big statements- they claim they’ve produced “the world’s first interchangeable, virtually indestructible headphones that are engineered to make you feel the full power of your music”. Sol Republic have recently launched into the Irish market and have collaborated with four inspiring young people including the brains behind Hunt & Gather who are all doing extraordinary things here in Ireland, driven by their love of music. In the global market they’ve previously collaborated with the likes of Calvin Harris, Steve Akoi and DeadMau5. And a few weeks ago I was lucky enough to get my hands on a pair of their Track HD V10’s.

The headphones come in fairly standard packaging but the moment I realised it came in parts I wasn’t sure whether to be disappointed or to show the same enthusiasm as I did as a kid when I got a Kinder Surprise. So the poor Sols remained on my desk boxed for a couple of days until I felt I’d the time to give them a go. When I finally had the patience to unbox them I felt this strange feeling of fulfilment unravelling all the different parts and constructing the headphones. It actually was as much craic as making tiny collectables from a chocolate egg.

Each Track HD are REMIX compatible, meaning you can swap different headbands and cables with ease. This is great if you like to coordinate your outfits to perfection but also super if one part needs to be replaced. The V10 version has high-def sound engine speakers too which are notably fully loaded with deeper base and higher vocal clarity. There’s also a 3 button mic with music and volume control- a nice addition if you need to answer calls while on the laptop or out walking. In the past, people who I have talked to on calls while using mic headphones like Marley have complained about graininess- no one even commented with these. Bonus.

Not that I’d ever advise anyone to do it but the headband part itself can be twisted and turned and promises not to snap. The jack is a standard 3.5mm so fits in most devices. The headband also has extra padding that gives an awesome cushion feel on your crown when you’re wearing them.


Besides these headphones looking fairly slick, I’ve three important observations after testing them out. In work I tend to blast my playlist so I can drown out any distractions in the office. They’re on ear just like Beats Solos so usually this means my very nice co-workers get really pissed off and can pretty much hear every single song I’m listening to. But with these not only was I able to drown them out, once they’re on your ears they’re completely sound proof from the outside too. They’re also extremely comfortable, I could be sitting with them on for more than 12 hours in a day and I’ve yet to complain- but then again I don’t wear glasses so I can’t say the same for those who do.

But like most headphones that aren’t wireless, the cable is really fucking annoying at times when you forget you’re plugged into your laptop or your phone drops on the ground. Its easier to tuck the wire underneath garments to avoid pulling the head off yourself if you’re getting around in a hurry. Common headphone problem though.

So conclusion? Love them. I highly recommend the Sol Republic Track HD V10’s to anyone who has been given out to for blasting music too loudly and are looking for a handsome pair of headphones that not every Tom, Dick and Harry are wearing. Their beautiful minimalist design makes them stand out from their competitors. They’re also very reasonably priced in comparison to Beats and you can pick up a pair for just €129.

If you want to get involved in the conversation you can follow their ‘Music Made Me Do It’ (#MMMDI) campaign. They’ve created a really cool video series with Irish creators whose work has always been driven by their love of music. Nice to see a bit of competition in the Irish market with headphones and see a brand get right behind the passion of creatives.