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24th Dec 2019

Some hero has created the ultimate guide to every movie on TV this Christmas

James Fenton

For many people, Christmas is the only time they can really kick back and watch movies for a few days on end.

Sometimes though, there are just too many to keep track of and your head can get a bit melted. Well, we’ve now come across the perfect solution.

A genius by the name of Katelyn Cassidy has put together a full list of all the movies on TV this Christmas in chronological order, meaning you won’t miss a minute as you attend to the turkey and pour the mulled wine.

The list starts today, Christmas Eve, and goes right up until New Year’s Day and you can see what’s in store in the tweets below…

If that’s not all, Katelyn even added a handy guide as to whether the movies are safe for little eyes or whether you have to take Granny out of the room for a while…

Katelyn, we are forever in your debt. There’s still time to head to the nearest shop and fill a few bags with popcorn.

Merry Christmas one and all!