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16th Mar 2018

Spotify Has Created A ‘New Éire’ Playlist Celebrating Our Urban Music

James Fenton

Us Irish take pride in many aspects of our culture but not a lot can beat our musical traditions.

Throughout the generations, we’ve touched almost every genre and our musicians have showcased their talent throughout the world. While traditional Irish music will be around forever, there has been a shift since the turn of the Millennium to a more urban sound.

Ahead of Paddy’s Day, Spotify has decided to celebrate this fact by created a playlist called ‘The New Éire’ which features the likes of Soulé, Wyvern Lingo, Rusangano Family and many more acts who are currently making waves both at home and abroad.

The playlist was unveiled by Spotify editor Austin Darbo on Twitter and should be the perfect soundtrack to pre-drinks ahead of Paddy’s Day celebrations. You can listen to the whole playlist here.

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