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30th Aug 2018

PIC: Spud Of Prague Keeps Sun Shining For Irish Wedding Abroad


Could this be any more Irish?

Weddings are filled with superstition and whether you believe them or not most people follow them to the letter. Lest ye be riddled with bad luck for the rest of your married life.

Irish weddings have all the normal ones like not seeing the bride the night before the wedding, as well as the added Irish layer of weirdness that makes Irish weddings stand out from all the rest.

We’re talking about sticking a statue of the Child of Prague outside the house the night before in order to get good weather.

But, what happens when you go abroad for your holiday, and you forget the holy relic? It’s not like you can pop over to a neighbour for a quick loan.

That’s exactly what happened the night before this Irish wedding in France.

Luckily, one of the lads carved a Child of Prague from a potato.

And it “worked a treat.”

Handy to know for the next time you’re in need of some divine weather intervention and your trusty relic is nowhere to be found.

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