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12th Sep 2018

PIC: Starbucks Worker Spells This Difficult Irish Name Perfectly On Cup And Gives Both Irish And English Version

Darragh Berry

Ah lads, don’t even get me started on names on coffee cup orders.

Yes, there’s an unnecessary ‘gh’ at the end of my name.

So, I’ll happily take ‘Dara’, ‘Darra’ or even ‘Dar’ on my coffee cup, I don’t mind.

I make it my job to really phonetically get out the ‘ra’ bit of my name so when I get called ‘Darren’, ‘Daryl’ etc, it just makes me feel so defeated.

Why can’t I have a name called Dave, or James or Sean, something simple.

It can be funny to those who don’t experience the pain, as pointed out on How I Met Your Mother.

My name is not even that bad. So what hope does an ‘Éadaoin’, a ‘Sadhbh’, a ‘Tadgh’, a ‘Padraig’ have?

Lots of hope is the answer, if they’re getting served by this Starbucks worker that is.

Feilim Mac An Iomaire was ordering a coffee to go and was mentally preparing himself for the disappointment of getting his name spelt wrong when he was taken aback to find that the Starbucks worker not only spelt his name perfectly in English first, he also gave him the option of spelling it in Irish too, which Feilim accepted.

He said:

“For the first time in my life a Starbucks employee has spelt my name correctly, not only that but he spelt it both in English and Irish and asked me for my preference. Today is a good day!”

You might think Feilim’s name sounds familiar.

He was once known as the ‘Jobless Paddy’. The Galway man hit the headlines worldwide when he used all his savings to rent a billboard on Dublin’s Merrion Road to basically advertise himself to possible employers.

The advert showed him standing on the seashore with a suitcase looking out on the horizon where the Sydney Opera House and the Statue Of Liberty were situated.

The caption on the ad read ‘Save me from Emigration’ and included his contact information.

And it worked a treat, he received more than 20 job interviews before eventually landing a job.

As for the worker spelling his surname too, we think that might be pushing it just yet.

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