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05th Aug 2017

Staying In Tonight? This Iconic Irish Movie Is On The Telly

James Fenton

“Where ya going, Bull?”

“To the edge… of the world!”

When it comes to Irish land disputes portrayed on the big screen, they don’t get more iconic than Jim Sheridan’s The Field.

The 1990 movie stars Richard Harris as Bull McCabe who becomes embroiled in a fight to keep hold of a field that has been in his family for generations. 

The arrival of Peter, an American referred to as ‘The Yank’, leads to a fierce ownership battle as the Bull fights tooth and nail to retain what he sees as his. 

Featuring a load of famous names such as Sean Bean, Brenda Fricker, Brendan Gleeson and John Hurt, the movie has become a favourite for Irish audiences of all ages.

While The Field has often been mocked for it’s ‘diddly-eye’ portrayal of Ireland, Richard Harris was nominated for the 1990 Best Actor Oscar for his role, losing out to Jeremy Irons who starred in Reversal Of Fortune.

If you’ve never seen it, or it’s been way too long, make sure to be comfy on the sofa at 10.30pm tonight when it’s shown on RTÉ 1.

Check out the epic trailer for The Field below. 

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