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16th Dec 2018

Storm Deirdre Has Prompted a Massive Debate Between The UK and Ireland

Megan Cassidy

It looks like the worst is over on the weather front as Storm Deirdre has subsided.

But there’s another storm a-brewing on Twitter in the wake of the weather warnings, and it has proven quite polarising.

It has come to people’s attention during all the talk of Storm Deirdre, that pronunciation of the name varies wildly, and one Twitter user addressed it head on.

‘Carole’ wrote:

‘Dear UK, In light of the prevailing weather front, it’s time for the stormy issue of pronunciation. Deirdre is not pronounced Dear-dree. It is pronounced Dear-druh (as in ‘huh’). Yours Ireland’

The tweet has received 2.4K faves thus far, and has been retweeted more than 400 times, with many more chiming in.

What do you reckon? Dear-dree, dear-dra or dear-druh? We think we’ll just stick with Storm Dee.

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