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03rd Dec 2017

Sunday Fear Begone – ‘Ted’ Is On The Telly Tonight

James Fenton

If you’re spending your Sunday languishing in a hungover stupor or simply dreading going back to work tomorrow, we’ve found the perfect thing for you to watch on the telly this evening. 

Seth MacFarlane of Family Guy fame teams up with Mark Wahlberg to star in ‘Ted’, a buddy movie like any other. Except for one thing: MacFarlane plays a foul-mouthed, drug-loving teddy bear. 

The 2012 adult comedy is centred around the friendship between Ted and John Bennett (Wahlberg) who have been pals since childhood.  

All grown up now, Bennett’s serious relationship with Lori (Mila Kunis) is stretched by the bromance he shares his furry buddy. 

If you haven’t seen Ted, it’s pretty feckin’ hilarious so it’s well worth tuning in tonight. It gets underway at 9pm on E4 and you can get a taster by clicking play on the above trailer.

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