10 Brands Who Are Getting Advertising On Instagram Spot On

We'll all be seeing more Instagram ads soon. Here are the brands who are already winning there


Instagram has a load of users (well over 300 million) who are highly engaged and love consuming rich media content (photos and videos). While some brands have been active many sit on the sidelines or are only figuring it out. That is all about to change this side of the Atlantic which ads rolling out for users on the 30th September.

To get brands and businesses inspired I thought I'd grab 10 of the brands who are doing it the best and slotting their content into the platform in a meaningful way.

GoPro celebrating national cat day

Red Bull pushing the envelope as usual with quality content

The discovery channel promoting shark week in stunning style

Dunkin Doughnuts showing that their drinks are available in all sorts of places

Travel Buddy #☕️

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LEGO tapping into the Star Wars fans

Keeping it fun and simple from ZARA

It's Friday! Dance with Angel #itsfriday #zaradances @angelpupledge

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Coca Cola are always on point on new platforms

Converse tapping into Iggy with an important short message

Wait for it....

Perfect Instagram vintage style from Burberry

Coloured cashmere and @Burberry heritage trenches. Shot by @MarioTestino

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