10 Iconic Irish Brands That Are Actually No Longer Irish

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For a small nation we have built some of the most iconic brands in the world especially when it comes to areas like alcohol (funny that!). What may surprise some people though is that although we are sold the "Irishness" of the product it has been a long time since some of our most iconic brands were actually Irish. Plenty of people will be well surprised by our list of 10 iconic brands that are no longer Irish owned...

10. Waterford Crystal

Been through tough times in recent years and even the mighty Tony O'Reilly couldn't save them as they cost him a fortune. The brand was sold off to KPS capital partners.


9. Siucra

Started off as the Irish sugar company but was sold off in 2009 to Nordzucker along with several other brands although they've kept the traditional Irish name.


8. HB Ice Cream

Originally an acronym for both Hughes Brothers and Hazelbrook Farm when it started back in the 30s it was eventually sold off to Unilever.

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7. Cully & Sully

The quirky soup and ready meal brand that started off with the two founders driving around festivals in their epic van and which is stocked in most Irish shops was sold to a large American company a couple of years ago.

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6. Harp Lager

Originally brewed in Dundalk by Guinness this beer quickly became massively popular (especially North of the border) but was eventually snapped up by Diageo alongside their big brother Guinness.


5. Jameson

This Irish Whiskey is growing massively in popularity around the world with over 5 million cases sold per year in American alone. Hugely distinctive branding but unfortunately now owned by the French Pernod Ricard.


4. Lyon's Tea

Although still massively popular here in Ireland today after a family created it in 1902 in Dublin it is now owned by Unilver with the product actually made in the UK these days.

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3. Jacob's Biscuits

Although their factory is still out in Tallaght and all Irish people have a huge affection with the brand their ownership is actually constantly in court being argued by both Valeo and United biscuits.

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2. Club Orange

Massively popular soft drink that has been around since the 30s in Ireland. Ownership has been moved around a few times over the years but now owned by Britvic which is ultimately listed on the FTSE despite having an Irish branch.


1. Guinness

Not only the best known brand from Ireland globally but also a major tourist attraction for people visiting our island. Guinness is now owned by the large British multi national Diageo.


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