10 Reasons Why McDonald's Should Feck Off And Leave Supermac's Alone


In the last couple of days it has emerged that the world's biggest restaurant chain McDonald's are taking our own Supermac's to court to stop them from expanding around the world. It all stems from a trademark battle around the "Mc" "Mac" similarities and McDonald's have set their team of expensive lawyers after the iconic Irish fast food chain. We wanted to share 10 reasons why they should leave our guys alone...

1. Everybody loves an underdog and this is truly David versus Goliath. The Irish chain had revenues of €100 million last year while McDonald's brought in a cool $28 billion.


2. Because as Supermac's founder Pat McDonagh says "I was born with the name 'Mac' in my name. I can't change that".


3. And in addition to that he says 'Mac' is what I was known as when I was playing football in school." That would stand up in our court of law if we were deciding this.


4. Because this is all about McDonald's trying to stop Supermac's expansion plans in the UK, mainland Europe and even Australia. Imagine an Irish fast food chain taking on the world!

Bondi Beach Sydney Australia 7

5. Because Supermac's had the balls to take the fight to the big US of A and launch a campaign in Times Square recently.


6. Bit of a petty one but the American chain don't offer the delicacy that is the curry, cheese fries. The world needs to know about this.


7. Because Supermac's have a restaurant at Barack Obama Plaza which is close enough to a presidential seal of approval as you are going to get for a fast food chain.


8. Because we could have the best of both worlds. They don't look anything alike and nobody is going to confuse one with the other. Ever...

dsc 0019

9. Because in Supermac's you can get a full Irish breakfast whereas the competition offer a McMuffin. Look at them, not even close...

Super-Breakfast L

10. Because you'll never beat the Irish and other companies like Ryanair and Penneys are showing what can be done abroad.


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