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9 Simple Tips Any Passionate WhatsApp User Needs To Learn

By niallharbison

December 20, 2016 at 12:18am


WhatsApp is one of those technologies that has just crept up on us over the last couple of years. 

Now used by our mums and dads, it's quickly replacing SMS and even phone calls and is fast becoming the main method of communication for a whole new generation. 

We thought we'd help you take your skills to a whole new level with these nine simple tips for using WhatsApp...

1. Use WhatsApp on a desktop or laptop 

The service is clearly built for using on mobiles, but the recent addition of a web client means you can WhatsApp while at work or when using a larger screen. 

You'll find all the info you need here.

Screen Shot 2016 01 11 At 11 49 56

2. Send someone your precise location in an instant

You know that conversation where you and your mate both try to explain exactly where you are in a futile attempt to find each other? Never experience that pain again and send an instant pin of where you are right now. 

Simply click the arrow in the bottom right of a chat or group chat and let the app do the rest.

Screen Shot 2016 01 11 At 11 57 21

3. Stop saving images to your phone 

We've all been in the situation where we want to show the family a cute picture, but fear for our lives handing over the phone for fear of those rude memes from the group chat showing up in the camera roll. 

Remove the problem by simply going to settings and switching off automatic saving.

Screen Shot 2016 01 11 At 12 00 52

4. Turn off 'Last Seen'

There is no better way in modern life to become a private detective and check up on people than by using the 'Last Seen' function. 

Switch it off and live life in peace again. Account > Privacy > Last seen. 

Screen Shot 2016 01 11 At 12 05 13

5. Disable 'Read Receipts'

Can't be bothered replying to messages immediately? Again head into privacy settings and get your life back by turning them off. 

There's a flip side though: you won't be able to see if they've read your message either.

Screen Shot 2016 01 11 At 12 10 29

6. Mute notifications from groups 

Groups can be noisy places and you don't want to have your head wrecked by every single notification. Head into the group itself, click on 'Mute' and then choose how often (if ever) you want to be notified.

Screen Shot 2016 01 11 At 12 14 29

7. Share the best links from the web to WhatsApp

You could do the whole manually copy and pasting links, but that's a pain. Instead when you find something you want to share on the web hit 'Share' within the browser, then hit the WhatsApp icon and finish by sending to the person or group you want.

Screen Shot 2016 01 11 At 12 19 05

8. Find out who your 'Best Friends' are

Head to Settings > Account > Storage Usage and you'll see a list of the people you message most, listed in order. Here you'll be able to see what types of messages you send them and total messages sent. 

Screen Shot 2016 01 11 At 12 21 57

9. Change WhatsApp number 

Not something that you're going to do every single day, but if you're moving country, changing networks or getting a new sim you'll want to know about this.

Make sure you lose nothing by heading to Settings > Account > Change Number and following the incredibly simple process.

Screen Shot 2016 01 11 At 12 25 38

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