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14 Recipes That Prove Nachos Are The Best Thing In The World

By niallharbison

December 20, 2016 at 12:18am


Mexican food is popular the world over and if there is one dish that people go wild for the most it has to be nachos. The beauty of them is that everybody puts their own spin on the dish meaning that they come in all shapes and sizes from a simple bar snack through to some of the amazing dishes below created by super talented home chefs. Get stuck in and bookmark these for the weekend!

1.BBQ Brisket Nachos

If you thought regular nachos were good you need to have them with brisket


2.Pizza Nachos

As if nachos on their own weren't enough this genius recipes turns them into a hybrid pizza.


3.Buffalo chicken blue cheese nachos with ranch dressing

Just the title of this recipe had us licking our lips! A great twist on the classic.


4.Butternut Squash Nachos

A brilliant and unique recipe that offers something original for the veggies out there.


5.Buffalo Ranch Roasted Cauliflower Nachos

Another highly original recipe that will have you drooling when it comes to the table.


6.Loaded Chicken Nachos With Salsa Verde

Fairly classic recipe but with a few great twists. We want 10 plates of these now!!


7.Loaded Sweet Potato Tater Tot Nachos

The colours and originality of this recipe are absolutely bouncing off the screen!


8.Fiery Punjabi Lamb Nachos

Another highly original recipe that will take a while to make but the results were absolutely spectacular.


9.Pancake Breakfast Nachos

Yes you did indeed read that correctly. This combines the wonderful pancakes and nachos all in one. What a great idea!

pancake breakfast nachos close

10.Nachos with grilled corn

A simple recipe but one that is absolutely bursting with flavour and which deserves to be made.


11.Irish Tater Nachos

It's a long way from Mexico to Ireland but this lovely little recipe combines the best of both worlds.


12.Skillet Nachos

You have to love this recipe for being super low maintenance as you can throw them all together in the one pan and save on washing up.


13.Amazing Breakfast Nachos

Why wait until lunchtime or dinner to have nachos when you can start the day with a good plate of them. Incredibly simple but delicious little recipe.


14.Chipolte Chicken

We saved one of the best dishes until last with a superb amount of flavour and delicious spicy chicken. Mouth watering.



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