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21 Things You'll Immediately Relate To If You're In A Whatsapp Group Chat

By niallharbison

December 20, 2016 at 12:18am


Whatsapp recently announced that they have over a billion active users which means that 1 in every 7 people on the planet use the service. 

The group messaging tool is how many of us plan everything from football matches to meeting up with our families, and even our working day.

The chances are you are in a couple of groups and if you are you will certainly recognise these 21 things...

1. This is worse than getting stood up in real life

4 Bdv Zne

2. Going for lunch doesn't mean we need a new fucking group chat

Screen Shot 2016 02 03 At 21 50 52

3. When you are working and the squad are all heading out 

Screen Shot 2016 02 03 At 21 53 01

4. When your parents rock up too and they just don't get the whole group chat etiquette 

Screen Shot 2016 02 03 At 21 57 08

5. When you and your BFF duck out of the chat to slag other people in the group

Im Not Antisocial I Talk A Lot Behind Your Back 3A590

6. The one annoying person who always insists on being the group admin

Screen Shot 2016 02 03 At 22 00 15

7. The over-enthusiastic replier 


8. The person who never says anything but still shows up

Screen Shot 2016 02 05 At 08 30 36

9. The Monica Geller who changes the group icon and name occasionally 

Screen Shot 2016 02 05 At 08 31 18

10. The Irish exit


11. The awkward "oops wrong chat" moment 


12. The 2 people who should get a room

X Xwzh8V

13. The late arriver who refuses to read the thread and asks again

Lazy Sal Meme Generator What Do I Look Like A Guy Who S Not Lazy 883476

14. The pain of getting roasted by the whole squad at once 

Yeaaahhh Imma Need You To Stop Sending These

15. When you just can't be arsed to keep up 

Baby Yawning Bored Baby

16. The fear and delight of checking the group after a big night out together


17. The NSFW material automatically saved to your camera roll from the group chat


18. The fear that your boyfriend / girlfriend / partner / parents would ever see what you and your friends say to each other

Screen Shot 2016 02 05 At 08 42 03

19. When you're about to get an early night but the squad keeps you up with the LOLs

20. When you are trying to have a social dinner but the group chat is lit, so the other person thinks you are just plain rude


21. Being terrified of making a typo, grammar mistake or any other slip in general knowing that the group will ruin you about it (until the next person messes up!)


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