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27 Tweets From Journalists Who Reeeeeeeally Can't Stand Annoying PR People

By niallharbison

December 20, 2016 at 12:18am


We get a lot of press releases here at – and sometimes we struggle under the virtual weight of our inboxes.

The same is true for journalists all over the world. 

This is why we found the Smug Journo Twitter account so funny. Essentially all the account does is RT journalists from around the world who are complaining about their job... and it's brilliant. 

1. This person who probably just suffered a misguided reference to 'Netflix and Chill'

2. This person who knows by now that you can dunk in the dark

3. This person who has finally said what we've all been thinking

4. This person who was never yours to lose

5. This person who just wants you to shut up

6. This person who knows how Adele's ex feels

7. This person who just wants to be treated like the unique snowflake he truly is

8. This person who just can't stand to be messed around any more

9. This person who realises that less is more

10. This person who wants to be loved for who she really is

11. This person who knows how Ron Burgundy must have felt

12. This person who hates Wednesdays

13. This person who you really don't want to talk to about blue-sky thinking

14. This person who is his own man

15. This person who takes no prisoners

16. This person who is building a wall

17. This person who has better things to do

18. This person who doesn't appreciate brevity

19. And this person who has just had enough

20. This person who doesn't care about your new job

21. This person who has friends in high places

22. This person who never quite got over watching Jaws as a child

23. This person who doesn't want to hear about it

24. This person who doesn't need roads

25. This person who probably would have been okay without your help

26. This person with whom you should consider yourself warned

27. And finally, this person who gets to the point in a way we all wish PRs would...

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