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7 Gmail Hacks That Will Make You Way More Efficient

By niallharbison

December 20, 2016 at 12:18am


If you are like me you probably spend a large portion of your day buried in Gmail trying to get to that elusive inbox zero. For many its the default work tool of choice but despite that you are probably only using about 20% of Gmail's functionality at best. With that in mind I decided to put together 7 simple tips that will make you way more efficient and free up more time for you...

1. Create "Canned Responses"

You probably find that there are a bunch of emails that you respond to in the very same way only changing a few words and that you end up writing the same thing over and over again. A new feature in Gmail lets you have a series of "canned responses". Write them in advance including links, photos, text and anything thing else that will help you get the message across.


Enable "Canned Responses" in Google Labs. You'll find this in settings

When replying click on the bottom right corner to start using canned responses. Create as many as you want

2. Move Your "To Do" List Into Gmail

You probably have either a hand written "to do" list or you use some sort of app to keep track of your tasks. Instead of doubling up on work activate the "tasks" button and you'll be presented with a simple "to do" list in the same place chat usually is.


3. Add Multiple Accounts

For years this was the biggest issue for many users who had to switch accounts and log in and out of emails. With Chrome you can now have multiple Gmail accounts and switch between them seamlessly.


Simply click on your name in the top right corner and add multiple accounts.

4. Mute Noisy Conversations

Nothing worse than getting cc'd on something that turns into a noisy conversation that no longer concerns you. People often do this in large businesses to cover their asses. You can still have the emails coming in but by muting them you'll no longer be notified of each new mail.


Simply open the email and head to "more" and find the mute button

5. Monitor Email Usage

Most online tools you use today will come with some sort of analytics and Gmail is no different. Instead of just using the service blindly sign up to Gmail meter to get an overall view of how you are using the Gmail and improve weekly based on your stats.


6. Take Gmail Offline

One of the biggest problems with Gmail is that it is in the cloud which means that you are always only one click away from being distracted by newsletters, social network notifications or links that people send you. Head over to Gmail offline and start working through your email without the internet. You'll be surprised at how much quicker you will clear your inbox without all the distractions. Also useful for traveling or times when you can't get a connection.


7. Schedule And Remind Yourself With Boomerang

One of the most useful add ons that you will ever find for Gmail. Not only does it allow you to schedule email but it also allows you to re-send yourself email that you don't want to answer right now until a later date. The use cases for this tool are endless and it'll make you way more efficient.



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