A Foodie Haven For Designers - The Pantone Cafe In Monaco

Order food and drinks based on a menu of colours that you love


A new uber chic cafe has opened on the French Riviera in Monaco that aims to is based around the Pantone colour system. The pop up which is sure to be popular among designers and foodies alike will be open from July to September and offers a colour coded interior as well as menu. They specialise in juices, coffees, lunch and pastries and you can order using the pantone code rather than the actual name of the item.

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Pantone cafe is run by the Monaco Restaurant Group and we'd imagine that it is more of a marketing stunt more than a serious long term pursuit. Given the amount of design blogs, mainstream media and regular folk on social media who will cover this they'll get plenty of return on their investment even if it is in Monaco. Superb concept.


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Niall Harbison

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