Airboard - the new way to commute?


By now you've probably turned your head and spotted some early adopter on the unicycle style self-balancing transport devices - not the massive Segways that the cops use, but the unicycle ones that geeks in financial districts commute on. I won't be getting one of these for the following reasons:

  • You look ridiculous
  • It is pretty big so picking it up and carrying it under your arm is out
  • What's wrong with a bike?

However, the new Airboard by AirWheel may persuade me to about turn (which is really an 8 point turn on a unicycle). At €600 it is pricey but it is more skateboarder like and can be picked up and carried easier than bigger devices. It's got a 10km range which isn't bad - that's a 20-30 min commute by car/bus to the city centre. With speeds of up to 15km/h and it weighs only 10kg you'll fly into work. The smart thing about this product is that it self generates power when going down hill and has a charge time of 1 hr. Probably not appropriate for the long commute but it might make getting around the city interesting. (PRE-ORDER)


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Written By

Graham Kinsella

General Manager Lovin Group