Airbump Technology for the Less than Careful Driver


I read about Airbump technology and thought it was an interesting idea. I saw my first Citroen Cactus on Christmas day on the street and it seems like execution isn't as slick as I first thought. It is the start of something that will have panel beaters all over the world worried. Imagine a world were a little ding on your car fixes itself. Kind of like that iPod that didn't work and you leave it for a year and then all of a sudden it works again. Thank you pixies.

Now I like to consider myself a careful driver. I avoid other cars but for some of our continental friends driving is a contact sport. If I ever decide to live in Rome or Paris and own a car there Airbump technology is a must. It will allow me to avoid breaking at major junctions and just go for it local stylie. The clever Airbump® panels are made from supply TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) and include tiny air capsules that absorb impacts and help prevent scratches. They don't need any maintenance and help cut costs from small scratches and bumps.

The issue is that not every car has this so the outcome is that some cars get trashed and the self repair ones stay perfect. A reason to investigate a French car?


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Written By

Graham Kinsella

General Manager Lovin Group