Apple Fans Are NOT Pleased Over These Leaked iPhone 7 Pictures

This could be a right pain...

Iphone7 2

If you're a devotee of everything Apple, you're surely gagging for any glimpse you could possibly get of the all new and improved iPhone 7. 

Well some pictures have just emerged online and you may not be so impressed with what you see. 

Check out the leaked photos below.

Iphone7 1
Iphone7 2
Iphone7 3

Pics: Apple Club

These photos surfaced on the Taiwanese site Apple Club and they appear to show that the new mobile (doesn't it sound like sacrilege to describe it as just a phone?) has ditched the the 3.5 inch headphone jack from its newest iteration.

The website claims that the jack will be replaced by an all-in-one lightning connector. Why should that annoy Apple heads? Because if true, it will probably mean existing iPhone users will have to buy a new pair of headphones to be compatible with the device.

Of course, until we get official pictures from Apple this is not yet confirmed... but it doesn't look too good.

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