Coke Zero Branded Bikes To Expand Across Irish Cities


Dublin Bike has been heralded as the most successful bike share scheme in the world. It has transformed the cycling in the city and is a great way to get around. Assuming you can find a station, a bike and another station. I use it regularly and find the bikes well built, heavy but well maintained and definitely fast.


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This scheme is backed by JC Decaux, following the original Velib' system in Paris. In return for installing and maintaining the system the city grants JC Decaux additional advertising sites. A fair deal in my opinion. This year they launched the Coke Zero sponsorship, similar to the Barclay's sponsorship in the UK.

When I saw the Bike Share scheme being installed in Limerick, Cork and Galway I was very impressed with the branding. The colours, design and branding just scream Coke Zero. They will always been know as the Coke Zero Bikes no matter what branding is put on them.


Don't forget to download the Coca-Cola Zero® Bikes App, perfect for cycle adventures in the cities on the Coca-Cola Zero® Bikes, with help on station locations, bike and stand availability, route planning, as well as Account information and activity.


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Written By

Graham Kinsella

General Manager Lovin Group