Debranded Perfumes Help Consumers Find Perfect Scent Without Distractions From Labels


The new Desirée Parfums store in Milan is organising fragrances by aromatic quality, rather than designer labels.

Consumers are bombarded with so much information and marketing about products, especially at this time of the year in the run up to Consumermas, I mean Christmas. Designer brands spend millions on luxury advertising and other shop windows are plastered with familiar faces flogging high street goods. And when it comes to perfumes, discovering a great new brand by chance is a rare thing so its very refreshing to see Desirée Parfums store in Milan organising fragrances by aromatic quality, rather than brand.

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This setup allows customers to explore the scents in the decanted bottles. According to the company there are 7 different olfactive families and each of the testers falls into one while still containing its own unique notes and facets. Only when a fragrance is selected and brought to the counter do the shop assistants reveal the brand that the shopper is buying. A nice disruption of a multi billion euro business where consumers are put in the drivers seat. Just don't send your other half in there with a brand name or they could be stuck inside for hours.

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