Egg-shaped eco home can house two people anywhere

The Ecocapsule is a portable home powered by wind and solar, which can house two people off-grid for a year.

The portable, self-sustaining, mini apartment is powered by wind and solar — it could provide housing for two people anywhere from the mountains to the sea.

Clever design has maximized its eight square meters of interior. It has a folding bed, dining area, en suite bathroom, kitchenette, storage and two windows.


A roof-full of solar cells and a retractable 750w wind turbine provide green energy, and a high-capacity battery can be used for back up power for inactive periods. The spherical shape also optimizes rainwater and dew collection, and built-in water filters mean the inhabitant can live off their local supply.

The Ecocapsule price will be announced later this year and they hope to start delivering the first product by early 2016. Would you live in one of these things?


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