Find Out Exactly How Addicted You Are To Your Phone With "Instant"

Super new app shows just how long we spend on our devices


We all know that we are addicted to our phones and that we spend way too much time on them but a new app (no irony there) aims to show us just how we use our devices. Instant is available for iOS and Android. The beauty is that it shows exactly how much time you spend on the phone, within each individual app and even how many times you have unlocked the phone. On top of all that the app provides a "dashboard of your life" showing you where you have been and how long you spent there as well as total steps taken and other fitness stats.

Instant is a great resource but after a couple of days and if anything it will freak you out just how much you are using your phone and not enjoying the real world!


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Niall Harbison

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