Guinness Launch Their New "Nitro IPA"

After 253 years of brewing along comes something completely new


Guinness have been making beer for over two and a half centuries here in Dublin and people all over the world are familiar with "the black stuff". With the emergence of the craft movement though they have been challenged to create new beers and the latest is something completely different called a Guinness Nitro IPA.

It launches in the USA in select bars this week before rolling out to the retail market across the states later in the year. The IPA (Indian Pale Ale) will be brewed in Dublin and comes from the same group that brought us the West Indian ales and the popular Hophouse 13. The beers will feature a small widget within the can just like the old cans of Guinness did and the launch will be supported by a large TV and outdoor campaign across America.

As you can see from the pictures below the newer Guinness is way lighter but they are keeping the branding front and centre despite it not being creamy and black.


Watch the process behind the making of Guinness IPA...

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