Here Are The Top 10 Brands Millennials Want To Work For

Do you secretly want to work for any of these guys?

You Tube

Unsurprisingly, the companies millennials really want to work for are centred around technology and the web, according to research conducted by YouGov.

In fact, only three non tech or web-based companies made it into the top 10 most desired companies for 18 to 34-year-olds.

Take a look below to see who made the top 10.

10. Apple 


Pic: Rose Carson/

9. Johnson & Johnson 


Pic: GongTo/

8. Disneyland/Disney World 


Pic: aureliefrance/

7. Nike


Pic: rmnoa357/

6. Samsung 


Pic: UzFoto/

5. Microsoft 


Pic: Ken Wolter/

4. YouTube 

You Tube

Pic: Alexey Boldin/

3. Netflix 

Netflix Main

2. Amazon 


Pic: Eric Broder Van Dyke/

1. Google 


Pic: turtix/

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