How To Bluff Your Way Through Any Sports Conversation


For the majority of my life I couldn't give two flying fucks about sports, I really just couldn't care about them and they don't really appeal to me – besides American Football, for some strange reason that got me hooked.

However while I couldn't care about sports I can't deny that it is a major part of many people's lives and a lot of conversations revolve around the subject. This is when I find myself totally lost in conversations when people are talking about various people who I have no clue about and I'm just there like an idiot saying phrases like "yes, he sure did sports well." Or "I know. Can you believe he passed the ball to the other sports person, when he clearly should have passed it to another sports person? Oh such an amateur mistake...apparently".

But thankfully thanks to a service I have discovered this week I will now be able to navigate through these awkward social interactions and all without sounding like too much of an idiot (more so than normal anyway).

Screen-Shot-2015-02-11-at-18.16.12 is a service that brings busy people quick and easy to understand sports information twice-weekly. They cover everything from NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, tennis grand slams, golf majors, NCAA football & basketball, European soccer, boxing and more. And when I say easy to understand – I can understand the information, that's how easy it is. You can even see an example of the email you'll get on their website.

Now I can understand my father when he says some sports person bit another sports person. Maybe now my tweets will be less sarcastic about sports, though probably not.


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Written By

Dylan Varian