I Paint Celebrities As Chicks

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My name is Paul Broughall and I'm a children's storyteller and illustrator as well as the creator of Artistic Chicks which is based in Kildare. The idea came from a previous project called Chick Adventures and one of their daily adventures happened to be painting with a tiny easel and paintbrush. I started Artistic Chicks after I found an easel and canvas lying around and thought I'd give it a lash. The paintings were very basic at first (mainly blobs with eyes and a beak) but people liked them so I kept going and improved with practice.

There are 5 talented people behind the concept now which is amazing. Artistic Chicks simply paint pictures of celebrities as chicks!

Last week the guys painted Madonna's Brit Awards stumble which got a great reaction online. Some of the celebrities that we have painted have replied on Twitter from the likes of Courtney Cox, Sarah Jessica Parker to Stephen Fry. It's wonderful when they respond because they have so many followers and such a big fan base so it's nice to get the recognition for the time we put behind the illustrations.


My favourite paintings to date would have to include the Victoria Beckham painting. There's something about it that comes alive when you look at it. It's like she's looking at you (It could be all the yellow!). I also love all the Disney character's paintings - they were fun to do as I'm a big Disney fan and my nieces who are 6 and 9 love those too so it's nice to know that all ages can enjoy the paintings.

Steph and Dom, the posh couple from Gogglebox had one of our paintings on their side table for a whole series last year which was really exciting! It was a painting of them that they'd asked me to send over - it's the little things that count!


If you'd like to commission a painting you can email Paul and his team on paulbroughall@hotmail.com.You can also follow Artistic Chicks on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for updates on their deadly paintings.

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Paul Broughall