In a Korean cafe, a toaster sanitizes your smartphone

The Green Toaster is a smartphone cleaning device placed in cafes, so users can sanitize their phone.

Considering how often they are used, it's not surprising that there are over 7,000 types of bacteria living on your smartphone. Yet somehow cleaning our phones is rarely done.

Now, Green Toaster is a sanitizing device created by ad agency Innored and UK-based design school Kinneir Dufort for Korean e-commerce giant Gmarket, which, using UV light, will deep clean any smartphone.


To use it users simply launch the Gmarket app on their smartphone before placing it one of two slots at the top of the Green Toaster. Then, just like any other toaster, they pull down the lever, which draws the phone inside the device.

Once the process is complete, the toast (your phone) pops up automatically.

Interesting idea, would you use it?

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