Intel Stick Will Turn Any HDMI Screen Into A Computer


We are living in the age of mobile these days as consumers ditch their bulky laptops and desktops for more mobile solutions like smartphones and iPads. The range of computers is changing and Intel are set to launch a very interesting addition to the mix. Dubbed the "compute stick" it is a dongle that comes with a couple of gigs of RAM and measures just 4 inches. You would of course need to add in a mouse and keyboard but at just $89 pre-loaded with either linux or windows we can think of plenty of practical applications for this. Certainly better than forking out for a whole desktop that never gets used. Launches later this year.


CPU: Intel Atom Processor Z3735F

PMIC: Dollar Cove AXP288

Memory: 2GB DDR3L

Storage: eMMC 16GB/32GB/64GB

Expandable Storage: Micro SD Card Slot

Display: HDMI IN

WiFi: IEEE 802.11 b/g/n

Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.0 HS uART (Singel Wifi/Bluetooth combo chip)

USB: USB2.0 cut type A x 1

Power Input: Micro-USB 2.0 B connector

Adaptor: 10W(5V/2A)


LED Indication: Power Status Indicator

OS: Windows (Win 8.1 with Bing, 32bit)

Accessory: 20cm HDMI cable (optional)


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