Introducing the Sennheiser Urbanite- Time to Replace Your Beats


I was in the market for a new pair of headphones. The last time I bought decent headphones was about 10 years ago. I spent €100 on noise cancelling technology from Sennheiser as I was traveling quite a bit on airplanes. They still make a version of those ones below. Good news is they still work, apart from some cracks on the vinyl covering the ears they do a good job.


However due to having great friends and colleagues in my last place of employment I left with a voucher and for the last few months its been burning a hole in my pocket. That was until today. I decided I needed some new cans for work. The techno music blasting through the office doesn't always work for my concentration and the need for my high concentration playlist is sometimes required. I was also jealous of all the headphones hanging around.

I actually considered the Bos H6 Headphones but I just couldn't justify the cost. I found a Pepsi sponsored pair for much less. My research lead to some reviews complaining about cable crackle and that was enough to turn me off. That and I couldn't use my voucher on Amazon.

So I ventured into Dublin city to find a few experts. I tried Beats but although the sound was much better than I remembered the plastic build and look didn't appeal to me. I tried some Sony and Sol republic but my eye was drawn to the Seinnheiser stand.

There I was down to the Momentum and the new Urbanite. The key difference with the Urbanite was the foldable headset. I thought the fact the headphones will spend time in a bag this would be a good thing. However the Momentum did come with a set of cases to help you transport them.


Sound wise which is what these are all about I actually found the Urbanite to suit my music preferences better. They performed well at low volumes too, I don't want to be too deaf. That and they were new. The cables are all replaceable with the Urbanite you get a heavy rubberised flat cable. No tangle guarantee that is a plus. No other small cables are visible. This was a plus for me as it meant they were bullet proof.

The overall look of the Urbanite I think is awesome, they are certainly well built. Generally the reviews out there are referencing that these are the headphone Beats by Dre wishes they were making. That is the best marketing campaign Sennheiser could wish for.


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Written By

Graham Kinsella

General Manager Lovin Group