Want to Sound Important? Try The 'Badass Advertising Job Titles' Generator


In a world where many of us wear many hats with our businesses, classic job titles seem, well, a bit boring. Heck I'd know. There's this hilarious website called badassadvertisingjobtitles.com that can help you advertising folk make your current roles sound more stupidly important by. All you have to do in type in your name and it generates a long, complicated title. Connor Skye Riley is a web developer at LinkedIn and she created the project for Thinkmodo. She also created the Hipster Business Name Generator.


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Louise Johnston

With experience in the Irish FMCG industry LoJo has previously worked for global brands such as Bacardi and Red Bull. She can be described as a passionate infomaniac with an innate flare for brands, marketing and tech trends.