Master-Beta Testers Wanted

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It's been a busy week for sexy tech - we recently announced that Pornhub will be entering the wearable tech market with their WankBand. And now, Durex are looking for beta testers for a new product. They haven't given away exactly what it is yet, but one can assume it will be along these lines:

They've conducted studies that show that 70% of Irish people would rather spend time on their smartphone than have sex. A very sad and telling truth about our addiction to our devices. So the guys in Durex want to create a link between our smartphones and sex... could the future of sex include our smartphones giving us orgasms?

Durex is looking for beta testers around the world to be the first to experience this new breakthrough. Anyone can register their interest in advance for updates from Durexlabs via where they will receive a first look and free access opportunity for a limited period. Very interesting...


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Louise Johnston

With experience in the Irish FMCG industry LoJo has previously worked for global brands such as Bacardi and Red Bull. She can be described as a passionate infomaniac with an innate flare for brands, marketing and tech trends.