My Kickstarter Hell- Projects That Caught My Eye This Month

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I have to admit, I have a Kickstarter problem. And I'll also admit that I have funded quite a few products to date. These consist of:

  • An ultra slim wallet, a lovely product but it just doesn't fit those 50s I love so much
  • A white board note pad that was great until the original pen got lost and now my thoughts are a bit more permanent
  • A sketchy notebook because I dream of being an animator
  • Tweak the plug hole hair/food catcher that hasn't turned up yet but the concept and brand name are genius

All are fairly low risk items. I did almost purchase this sleep tracker which we wrote about back in July and I am also still waiting for the team allocation of these deadly desk accessories.


I regularly keep an eye on developments out there so here are the 5 items that caught my eye this month (no purchases has been made yet so my comments are based on their descriptions and videos):

1. Neeo

Since I originally saw this project on Kickstarter it has smashed its original pledged goal. $219 will get you the kit now. This smart device allows you to genuinely put all your remote controls onto 1 device. The really smart thing is it recognises who picked up the remote. It works with old fashioned and still regularly used infrared but is future proofed for new protocols too. If everyone is like me and has about 7 remotes then this is going to take off.


2. Moment Case

This is a second product for this Seattle based company. I bought plenty of digital cameras but since iPhone 4 I have never used them. This case is for iPhone 6. It essentially turns your phone into an SLR camera. Various lenses are connected to the case and your phone recognises what they are and is ready to shoot. The powered button isn't a mechanical gimmick it is bluetooth enabled to work with the phone perfectly. The lighting, shutter speed and traditional camera style carry straps take what is a high end camera phone to the space of being a high end SLR. $199 gets you the case, tele and wide lens.

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3. The Brand Deck

A simple game of cards for marketeers to define what your brand is. 100 adjectives to describe your brand. You simply classify the cards into 3 piles- what we are, what we may be and what we are not. You then hone it down to the key words that describe your brand. Simple yet effective.

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4. Prynt

It was more the naming and branding than the tech that caught my eye. We have more images being captured than ever before but many stay in the digital world. The Prynt does print a polaroid style image for you in minutes. And the best feature is if you took a video- your photos have an augmented reality video link saved in the cloud. It is essentially a video printed photo.

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5. Glow Laser Light Headphones

Kickstarter always has some revolutionary headphones. These guys have decided not to go wireless and instead highlight the wire with neon light detail. I was disappointed to find you couldn't switch colours on the same set. The unique part is the light responds to the music. If they reach some stretch goals they will allow it to respond to heart beats. I think silent disco could be taken to a new level with these Tron inspired Beats. Super if you go jogging or walking in the dark.

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Written By

Graham Kinsella

General Manager Lovin Group