Never Lose Your Pet Again With This Slick GPS Collar

Avoid a pet owner's worst nightmare


If you own a pet then along with illness the second big worry is losing your best friend. It happens all to often and although microchipping has help a new start up are aiming to solve the problem for good.

Nuzzle is a GPS waterproof collar that is linked to an app and which alerts you if your pet strays beyond specified zones. The device can be added to a regular collar and it has the added benefit of temperature control making sure your pet is in the right climate and impact detection which would alert you if the animal got hit by a vehicle.

The project has just been funded and they come to market next year but you can order them now. They'll also be adding the option of bundling in pet insurance to make sure all the boxes are ticked when it comes to keeping your pet safe.


The collar in action...

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