Prepare To Drool Over The Limited Edition Mustang Rocket


If there's one thing I have to admit - it's that I crush over Mustangs big time. So you can imagine the excitement when I heard about the new 2015 Ford Mustang Rocket that has been customised by the famous Galpin Auto Sports.

Galphin have taken this beauty up to 725 horsepower by adding a Whipple supercharger, Magnaflow exhaust system and a performance tune. And that was just under the hood - the guys also added some new bodywork collaborating with Fisker Karma to design it. As well as these aesthetics they installed a fully adjustable suspension setup sourced from Steeda and Bremo brakes on all four corners.

The price of this bad boy has yet to be announced but it is rumoured "The Rocket" will cost you anywhere over $100k.


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Louise Johnston

With experience in the Irish FMCG industry LoJo has previously worked for global brands such as Bacardi and Red Bull. She can be described as a passionate infomaniac with an innate flare for brands, marketing and tech trends.