Reebok - The Ultimate Reboot?


I'm an "all or nothing" kind of guy. So when I started going to my local CrossFit (D12CrossFit) spot I got super excited. I signed up with the intention of getting in outstanding shape. Then started buying everything Reebok, just cause (well mainly cause the two brands have a 10 year sponsorship deal).

I'm on a mission to be a better human being. Kids do that to you - all of a sudden I became more aware of my mortality and I want to make sure I'm giving myself the opportunity to be around for as long as I can. I know I/m at my best when I exercise - fair enough I'm not the adonis I have in my head (yet!) but mentally I'm better, my moods are stable, I sleep better, think better, I'm better all-round.

When I saw the new Reebok Be More Human campaign I thought they'd captured what it was all about. "We are doing it to be better period!"

Reebok really has refocused on what it is all about. They've had some firsts in the past. They were probably the first to focus on women and workout gear. They had those Pumps that people went crazy for in the late 80's. Now their strategy seems to be to lock-in with what's hot right now and be official outfitters in order to own it. All of a sudden a brand that has been around since 1895 is acting like the new kid on the block with a start-up mentality. It's big brother Adidas is now less worried about having to bank roll little bro.


There have been some really smart moves and strategic calls to associate themselves with a range of get fit movements. They got into bed with the UFC because research showed them millions of people world wide were using MMA to get fit. UFC are a mega-brand with an absolutely huge fan base - sales guaranteed.


Then their association with CrossFit - the biggest and fastest growing gym franchise of all time. Another few million customers loyal to their brand. Also an association with spokespeople who are super human. The mere mortals who visit their box now need some special shoes to lift weights. Reebok stock is now rising.


Next up is Spartan Race - a modern day obstacle course. Races pop up all over the world with fanatical following. An office worker Iron Man with a sense of achievement and a "I can do anything" attitude.


Les Mills are a popular series of exercises that are franchised to gyms. BodyPump, BodyCombat, BodyBalance all set to hopping music and fixed workouts. Thousands of people taking part in these classes across the world all of a sudden need special shorts and tops to do areobics. Sales in the bank.

The logo changed for the better in 2013. With a significant meaning.

reebok delta animation

The Reebok Delta has three distinct parts each representing the changes — physical, mental and social — that occur when people push themselves beyond their perceived limits and embrace an active and challenging life.

Now they're creating some of the best looking work out kit available. This ad series is just pulling at the emotional side of why you sweat and I love it. The Be More Human Experience is an interactive campaign. Centred around the Freak Show ad there are some really sick supporting elements.


One of my favourite parts is the #breakyourselfie Instagram campaign. Encouraging people to take that all important post workout selfie. That's the social element nailed.


The Human Score

A single test designed to quantify your human-ness. Now everyone is competing against each other. The outcome they want. people in the street claiming "No I am more human than you!"

Grey Matters

A collection of studies that show the benefits of even the simplest of exercise - Not sitting and shows how the brain reacts positively to intense exercise. A pragmatic and academic way of justifying why exercise is good for you


Ultimately this is to help sell more apparel and sports shoes. If you saw my gym bag right now it proves that it definitely works. 100% Reebok and that is from a previous Nike super fan. What happened? Did I become more human? I am human.


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Written By

Graham Kinsella

General Manager Lovin Group