'Refugees Welcome' Is An Incredible Firsthand Look At The Syrian Crisis

Stephen Fry, Emma Thompson and Neil Gaiman were among those touched by the video

Refugees Welcome is an incredible frontline look at the reality of the Syrian refugee crisis.

After observing his news feed filling up with reports of these asylum seekers as "undesirable, jihadist, dangerous" people, English teacher Hasan Oswald headed to Lesvos in Greece to see for himself.

The film that resulted from his experience was incredible and prompted responses from celebrities like Stephen Fry, Emma Thompson, Mandy Patinkin (Homeland) and author Neil Gaiman.

New Yorker Oswald, who took a year's break from teaching to travel, spent two weeks helping the incoming refugees as a volunteer. He said, 

American politicians have been calling them 'rabid dogs', 'terrorists' and worse. So I wanted to go to the beaches and camps and meet these people myself.

Watch the stunning video above to see what he found.

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