Shazam For Recipes?


Avec Eric the two-time Emmy-award winning series returned last weekend for its third season on the popular Cooking Channel. The series is hosted by chef Eric Ripert as he runs through recipes. And viewers were actually able to Shazam them in real-time as they watched the show. Shazam, which is recognised as the best app that identifies songs, have for a while been looking into different verticals. It marks the first time that they've worked with a cooking show like this.

It's pretty straight forward - during the show that aired last Saturday, viewers were prompted to Shazam and were then redirected to the Avec Eric website where they could print off the recipe or bookmark it for a later stage.

I'm not quite sure how much sense this makes because you could probably find the recipe on the site in the same time that you would fiddling around with Shazam... but I suppose it's the gimmick that makes a cooking show exciting and interactive for the viewers.

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