Sony have just Launched the Sexiest 4K TV the World has Ever Seen


Every year in early January the whole tech world turns it's attention to the CES show in Las Vegas and one of the categories that always dominates is television. This year Sony have stolen the show with the release of their Bravia X90C which at 4.9mm at it's thinnest point and mounted just 4cm from a wall makes it the world's thinnest 4k TV.

The TV runs the Android operating system which was only announced in 2014 which will allow users to use a wide range of apps as well as allowing them to "cast" content from their phones or tablets. You'll also be able to control the TV using your voice in one of the 42 languages it supports.

You'll be able to get your hands on one of these in Europe from February onwards . We don't have a price yet but having one of these in your house would mean you'd probably never leave home again. Stunning.


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