Stir Is The Ferrari Of Desks & It Costs $3000


A large percentage of us spend roughly 40 hours (and often way more) a week at our desks, but despite that we just have basic planks of wood where we place our computers and do our work. Some people go as far as spending a decent amount of money on a chair or even adjusting their desk height to improve their posture. Some even started standing at their desks.

Stir Desks have just come out with a new solution which is a desk filled with software and which costs $3000. The desk adjusts height all day to keep you moving, learns how you work and can even be connected to other devices like your Fitbit. It is also made out of the very best materials and is connected to the cloud so as you can use other stir desks with your own settings.

All sounds great but $3000 for a desk (they actually have another one for $5000) is off the charts expensive. I'd take one for free if they were going and I'm sure it would save on medical bills in the very long term but are individuals or even employees going to buy these? Probably not unless they're tech companies with billion dollar valuations.

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