Switchmate- The Clever Smart Home Lighting Solution


We all want a smart home but rewiring and replacing all those hardworking analogue devices that really have never failed seems like an a lot of effort. I love a gadget, I will admit to installing remote control lights in my house. The amount of times I've had the lights turned on and off with remotes- probably 5... In fact, where are those fucking remotes?

Introducing, Switchmate- the clever device that offers smart lighting without the hassle of wiring. In detail it allows users to turn on their lights directly from an app on their smart phone. While current solutions require rewiring, screw mounting or installing protrusive bulbs that reduce the functionality of existing switches, Switchmate offers a sleek, retrofit light switch cover that simply snaps over your standard switch plates. Genius. No unscrewing bolts, stripping wires or need to hire an electrician.

And why bother adding 'useless' tech to your home? What Switchmate does provide is a sense of security and comfort when you are out late, on holidays or even as another way to wake yourself up in the morning. You don't need to walk into a dark home again either. The best thing about this tech is that if you're moving house or office, you can just clip them off and re-use.

I really like this idea though, it allows you to keep that 100 year old analogue technology in place, so if the internet disappears you can revert to actually having to switch the light on and off. What I like most is the install. The video makes it look like install is 2 seconds. Not sure how many light switch standards are out there but my 1950's house probably has 3 different formats on its own. This should be the standard in upgrade of technology in your house. Boom I can turn my lights on with my phone. Switchmate allows you to remotely control lights and set timers.

Costs unknown at the moment. I'm sure these guys will be picked up by one of the larger groups. It could easily be part of Nest by the end of the year. If I was head of product in Philips I'd be all over these guys.


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Written By

Graham Kinsella

General Manager Lovin Group