Telefonica-backed Wearable Camera Makers FirstV1sion Launch Equity Crowdfunding Round


Last year we profiled FirstV1sion and how they could change the landscape of sports broadcasting. And now the spanish company backed by Telefonica's accelerator program, Wayra, is launching its first investment round, starting today.

FirstV1sion's wearable tech combines a full-HD camera with a professional RF transmission system. The tech can provide viewers with broadcast-quality footage from a completely different angle - making sporting moments far more immersive.


Using a crowdfunding platform to raise at least €2.5M, this is intended to be Spain's most important equity crowdfunding campaign to date. FirstV1sion's product is a super-advanced wearable broadcast system that immerses fans into a sports game through the player's point of view.

Telefonica became FirstV1sion's first strategic investor when they entered Wayra last year. Professional athletes Andres Iniesta and Serge Ibaka also became partners and investors following Telefonica's involvement. The crowdfunding campaign has been set up to involve sports fans and will be hosted by Bank To The Future.

Jose IIdefonso, CEO and Founder of FirstV1sion commented:

"Though an equity crowdfunding model, sports fans have the opportunity to be a part of this revolution in sports broadcasting."

The guys expect to have more than 5,000 investors from across the globe. Starting at just €61 anybody can become a shareholder. Each of which will get a proportional slice of the company as well as associated benefits. The value of investment is estimated to multiply by five in just three years. They've raised over €100,000 of their €2.5m minimum target since going live today.

Get investing - this is the future of how we see sport.

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