The Tesla 3 Electric Car Has Just Launched Preorders for $1,000

115,000 cars have already been pre-sold

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Unprecedented queues appeared around Tesla dealerships and stores around the world with a staggering 115,000 cars pre-sold yesterday.  

To clarify: this is for a car that hasn't been test driven and isn't even available until 2017. But, in fairness, she looks like a little beauty.

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Check out these lines

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Electric cars struggle with range, after all who wants to pull in for a 3-hour recharge on a 5-hour journey? But Elon Musk is aiming to resolve this limiting factor.

Model 3 combines real world range, performance, safety and spaciousness into a premium sedan that only Tesla can build. Their most affordable car yet, Model 3 achieves 215 miles of range per charge while starting at only $35,000 before incentives. With a five star safety rating, Model 3 will also be the safest car in its class.

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Some notable features:

  • 215 mile range per charge but with a supercharge for long distances.
  • Zero to 60 under 6 seconds.
  • Seats for 5 adults.
  • Autopilot.
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Anyone who has sat in a Tesla will tell you they've very little in them, lots of legroom and a great driving position. Everything centres around the large screen. What changes everything, however, is the software upgrades, allowing Tesla to add new features periodically.  

The Tesla Model 3 starts at $35,000 in the US, however you'll want to spend that bit extra and go for Insanity mode upgrades. 

If you're reading, Elon, I wouldn't mind a test drive. Put me down for a black one.

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